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About us

We Are Markaa
About Us

Hello! If you’ve landed on this page then you want to know more about us. And we couldn't be happier! To start you off with the basics, we’d like to tell you a little about our name.
It may be simple, but there’s great meaning behind our choice. Let's start with the word Brand.
Brand /brand/
is a trademark that brings us happiness. That happiness is a gut feeling you get when you know you’re about to make an exceptional purchase.
And no one’s ever unhappy when they walk out of their favourite store, right?
A brand is also another thing. It's a sign, a seal, a stamp that allows us to make a purchase in absolute certainty that we’ve made the right choice.
Because we trust the source. Because we trust the brand. Because we trust the “marka”.
This is why we chose the name Markaa. Because the kind of relationship we’d like you to associate with our platform is a relationship that is filled with trust.
We want to make the brands that you relate to, easily accessible. We assure you that Markaa’s team dedicates its time to tend to every single one of your unique tastes.
We have something for everyone. Men, women, children, teens, athletes and fashionistas. If you're looking for something in cosmetics, fragrances, personal care or accessories we’ve got it!
We want to reassure you that our quality control team has eyes as sharp as a hawk.
We guarantee that your products will arrive on time and without a scratch! Our team has made our platform the home for all your most loved and trusted brands.
That is the kind of e-commerce platform we built for our customers, this is why you’ll love Markaa. Because we aim to make your shopping experiences doubt free.

Markaa nitpicked more than 100 brands and more than 10,000 products that are 100% original.
And we can’t wait for you to enjoy them!

Our teams first and foremost goal is our customers’ delight, but we have to say that our ambition goes even beyond. We’re starting up in Kuwait, but someday soon we can see our platform taking off and going international!